Living in a country where you have to speak a foreign language can cause serious social problems, as well as practical problems.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?


Today, migrating to another country is quite popular in the modern world. Each year, there are a wealth of people who come oversea to search for new occupations or experience a new life. Some people argue that living in a country that people communicate with each other in a different language is a hard challenge and people may confront many social and practical problems. From my perspective, I partially disagree with this statement, living in a country the first time arriving is always an interesting experience either that country has many differences from culture or lower living conditions.

First of all, moving to another country is a great occasion to learn more about a new language, culture, and make more friends. People may experience many specific festivals or enjoy some typical dishes in that country. Some of them may be memorable memories, some others may be not, but all those experiences practically expand people’s knowledge about the place they plan to live in the near future. In addition to that, people can apply for new employments which is more suitable and use their expert knowledge that they may not use in their country. On the other hand, it is a wonderful opportunity for people who are studying new languages because there is no better way than learning a language with native speakers. For example, America - a country of immigrants, where people of all races coming from oversea live and work permanently. Therefore, Americans may enjoy cultural diversity in some natural ways, which is impossible in other places especially Asian countries which remain many traditional conventions and customs for years. And, there is a multitude of languages that spoken in this country besides English – the official language in America, which is extremely interesting and special.

In contrast, the language barrier may be a serious problem in case people come to another country that they cannot speak fluently or naturally native language. In fact, people may be bullied because they are not good at speaking a new language. For instance, the Chinese or people who look like the Chinese, they are sneered with the word “ching chong” because of inexact English pronunciation. Although this behavior is rude and unacceptable, people cannot deny that mispronouncing may make many troubles in communication. For example, in Vietnam, Vietnamese use six “marks” on top of words to identify them. So, foreigners who study Vietnamese must exactly pronounce those “marks” to make native speakers understand unambiguously. Actually, foreigners may spend a few years correcting Vietnamese pronunciation so many awkward circumstances happen in daily communication because of mispronouncing and misunderstanding. Besides, misunderstanding in work may lead to many serious consequences and the trouble maker faces prosecution.

In conclusion, living in another country and learning a new language may be a good experience but sometimes it is the biggest challenge for people who want to search for new opportunities for themselves.