The column graph shows attendances of two genders splits by 6 sports in 2010. As is observed, male genders constantly more dynamic than female about physical activities in this year.

When it comes to the biggest gap of engagement, the number of strong genders joins in football was ranked the highest, amounting 2%; in while, their counterparts included a tiny fraction 4%.As a general trend is seen in those graphs of criket and basketball, when the least promotion belonged to weak gender, with 2% in total.The second highest sort of male players are basketball, amounting 17%, followed by criket, with approximarely 13% of male.

According to other sorts, the number of strong players of tennis and basketball accounted for a total of 17%, in which tennis attracted more slightly male players than basketball. Futhermore, there was a total of 13% in female participants who are favor of those sorts, which was 1% less than male participants. In term of swimming, it has enticed a large numbers of two genders, amounting 16% and 13% respectively.

Can you show us the graph?

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