Some people don't go directly to college but travel or work for a short time. Do you think this has more advantages or disadvantages for their studies?


Students who finish their studies in high school indeed tend to take a period to go around the world or start a job before they start university. Although there are benefits and drawbacks to this study decision, I believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

On the one hand, taking a short break after school has study and health drawbacks affected the study performance. In the study perspective, delaying the university interrupt their academic performance that will take time to return to the study routine. For instance, universities bombard students with lectures and projects that require the learner to pay attention to make the grade. Besides, students can have mental and physical health issues that are affected to develop their study. For example, after a short time traveling in a different country or continent, they might stress out with academic study and suffer from relocation sickness.

On the other hand, students who take a short-term to travel or work after university can have better preparation for the tertiary education demands. Firstly, travel and work help students find out the passion that gives them independent study in a new environment. A good example of it is that numerous autonomous learners are wasting time studying and graduate not suitable majors in higher education. Secondly, they can refresh and reflect their study life that will bring the wind of change in their performance. They will instill the value of learning, which helps them broaden a student's horizons without any forcing from others.

In conclusion, I think that there are more benefits for a short break to work and travel compared to traditional ways of studying.

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