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The graph illustrates obviously the percentage of people using internet in three countries in the world over the years.
It is clear in the graph that in all countries have an increase tendency. Over a period of ten years, the internet user in Canada was highest in the survey while Mexico had the smallest number.
In 1999, the number of people using Internet in the USA was higher than two other countries and reaching about 25 percent. The resident of Mexico still did not approach much with only approximately 5 percent. Meanwhile, there was almost 13 percent in Canada to use Internet this year. After the time of two years, the percentage of internet users in Canada was as much as the USA and outweigh the USA onward.
From 2002 to 2009, the degree using internet in the USA had some fluctuates, but even so it was not a significant change, it reached a peak at 75 percent in 2009.
With the internet users in Canada, there was a regular increase from nearly 50 percent to just over 95 percent during the same period. The figure for Mexico in 2009 was around 40 percent.

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