Some people believe that physical health is the main key to sport achievements. However, others have different idea that the decisive factor to win a game is mental strength. From my point of view, both of these above mentioned are of the same importance.

Obviously, physical fitness is an important element for players to perform well in sport competitions. It takes athletes years to train and build up strength and durability. That enables them to triumph over rivals in challenging contests. For instance, in football, players are required to run 90 minutes and score as many goals as possible. Unless they are tough and agile, they may lose the game. In addition to that, physical durability helps sportsman steer clear injuries during training and competitions. Injuries are unwanted on the grounds that it brings their career to a halt. Having a sense of physical well-being will guarantee their safety.

On the other hand, we can't deny the necessity of great mental condition. As a matter of course, the players are put under pressure in competitions. The strong-minded will be supposed to grapple with these impediment to take the lead. As a result, they can grab the golden opportunity to hit a home run. In other words, the state of mind can vary the outcome of a game. Additionally, mental strength also is a reason for success of famous players. A typical example is Cristiano Ronaldo, a world-class footballer. No matter how much he is criticized for buzz in his private life, he still remains calm and concentrates on professional competing.

In conclusion, people have different view in reference to the key factor in the success of a sport game. It seems to me that a perfect sportsman is both physically fit and strong-willed.


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