Online shopping is becoming more popular. How could this trend affect our environment and the kinds of work required?

Due to widespread internet access, more and more people choose to go online shopping. In fact, this trend has significantly influenced the environment and retail jobs.

First of all, online shopping allows customers to purchase goods in the comfort of their homes and workplaces, which means people will drive less and the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from private vehicles will be curbed. This helps to mitigate the problem of air pollution and ozone layer erosion. However, in the long run, online shopping would create more packaging. This is because many delivery trucks would be required to distribute home shopping purchases. And with a large number of goods these trucks contain, thick packaging is required to keep the goods safe. In most cases, this packaging is not biodegradable. Thus, it would create more wrapping waste.

Second of all, online shopping poses a serious threat to conventional retailers. This is because, with the convenience of internet access, people nowadays seem to lose their interest in bricks-and-mortals shops. Having lost their customers, these traditional retailers are put into the risk of being out of work or going bankrupt. Nonetheless, the new form of shopping will benefit people whose works are related to IT such as computer programmers and web designers. As the demand for creating websites and online advertising is increasingly high, there would be more job opportunities for students and employees who major in IT.

In conclusion, I feel that online shopping has both positive and negative impacts on the environment and the work required. This is because it helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but create more wrapping waste. And in terms of jobs, it poses a risk to traditional retailers but it provides people majoring in IT with more job opportunities.

Tran Tung DangIn fact, this trend has significantly influenced the environment and retail jobs.

I think you should be more specific in your thesis statement / stance. If you say like this, you're repeating the question and not really answering it. In which ways are the environment and jobs affected?

Instead of just saying "significantly influenced", you might want to tell the reader at least whether this trend brings benefits or drawbacks to the environment and employment.

The optimal solution is to summarize each of your main points in two or three words.