The chart shows the division of household tasks by gender in Great Britain.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

The given chart illustrates division in term of the household chores between British males and females.

Overall, both genders spend their time on household tasks surveyed, but females spend more time than males on

these works with the exception of gardening, pet care and maintenance odd jobs.

Cooking, baking and washing up is the most time consuming task of each feamale with 74 minutes per day higher than males, 30 minuters per day. It can be seen a similar pattern in cleaning, house tidying, it takes each British female and male 58 minutes and 13 minutes, respectively. Everyday, females spend total 45 minutes taking care of own children and play, 25 minutes, higher than their counterpart. Males spend only 2 minutes in clothes, washing, ironing and sewing, 23 minutes, lower than females.

In contrast, British males spend more time in the other two household tasks compared with British females. Gardening, pet care take roughly 50 minutes of females and 21 minutes of males. Similarly, each males spend 26 minutes in maintenance odd jobs, while females spend only 9,5 minutes.

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The chart shows the division of household tasks by gender in Great Britain.

Please attach an image of what you are writing about. We cannot help you if we can't see the figure. What kind of chart are you writing about?

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Xuân Lànhhousehold chores

You could use this or simply chores in American English. Housework is the normal term in British English.

Xuân Lànhthan males onthese works

tasks would be a better word here.