Task 2

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Each year, the crime rate increases.

What are the causes of crime and what could be done to prevent this rise in criminal activity?

Write at least 250 words.

It is recorded that the frequency of perpetration rise year by year. This phenomenon can be attributed to the miserable background of the criminals and how they were raised as a child. In order to reverse this trend, the governments should implement several laws pertaining to what criterion that people must be fulfilled to raise their child.

The prime reason why people commit crime, in many cases, is relating to their experiences when they were in childhood. Being raising in a dysfunctional family is likely to make children be misguided since the parents are too busy with their own problems to foster their children in a proper way. Consequently, no one there to show children what is right and what is wrong, thus, as the children grow up, they become would-be criminals with their thought deviations. On top of that, even if one came from a very privileged background but being emotion-neglected, he or she would still have a great possibility to be an offender in his or her adulthood. Without any affection during childhood, children learn that love and emotions are something unnecessary. Therefore, they become so inconsiderate that they do not hesitate a moment to do the things which they considered to be beneficial to them, even if it is a felony.

The viable measure that can be taken to counter the jump in crime rate have to be done by the authority. In other words, the governments need to tighten the laws in terms of Parental Responsibilities. Due to aforementioned points of view, reducing the likelihoods that children might grow up with such problematic parents means that reducing the number of future criminals. For example, parents with neurological disorders are not able to raise their child in a suitable environment. Whenever they vent their negative feelings on their children, these kids could feel that such actions are normal and everybody must accept it. As a result, it will exert a deleterious effect on the perception of children. Appropriately, these kinds of parents should not be accepted to raise their kids on their own.

In conclusion, being fostered in improper way is the leading cause of crime. The best approaches to deal with this issue is implementing stricter laws relating to raising the young minds.

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An unhappy childhood can breed criminals, but more often I find that poverty is the cause. Poverty is associated with poor education and hopelessness. That leads to drugs and addiction. That leads to stealing. That leads to imprisonment. If fathers are in jail, the poor mothers have to raise the kids, and the cycle continues.
For rich people, the cause of criminal behavior is greed and jealousy.

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