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Topic: Some experts believe it is better for animals to live in zoos where they are safe and are given all the food they need

Do you think that living in zoos has more advantages or more disadvantages for animals?

We have been keeping animals in zoos for a very long time. It is believed that because zoos can provide safety and food to animals, it is better for them to live there. However, in my opinion, the advantages are equal to the disadvantages as there are several points we should take account of when doing this.

The advantages of the zoos are obvious. When staying in the zoos, the animals are safe from predators, harsh environment conditions, and are provided with enough and proper food and care. For animals that are rare or in danger of extinction, this is also a crucial part of action to an effort of conservation and protection. As they can lead peaceful life without worrying about anything, we can help them gradually raise their number again. Therefore, zoos play an essential part of taking after animal activities.

Nevertheless, for the animals kept in zoos, there are also some drawbacks. They can easily lose their natural habits and instincts when separated from their natural habitat for too long, so it's difficult for it to return to wildlife. For example, a lion born and growing up in zoo environment couldn't know how to hunt preys and live out of the zoo. Moreover, the conditions and facilities of some of the zoos, such as some in Vietnam, are not really well preserved and developed, on top of that, the hot and humid weather of Vietnam might make a huge difficulty for them, so the animals may not be taken after well enough and not be in good state. Thus, for the sake of animal, it is best that we should be mindful of these factors and attempt to build their living space to be as near to their natural habitat as possible.

Based on the points given above, although zoos protect animals in captivity and contribute to the conservation, we also have to pay attentions to the states of the zoos to create suitable environment for animals' overall development. In my view, the advantages are equal to the disadvantages.

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