This is my completed academic writing task 1. Please point out my mistakes and give me a band score for each criterion if possible.

Topic: The table below shows the percentage of the population by age groups in one town who rode bicycles in 2011.

The table gives information about the proportion of people who cycled in one town in 2011. It breaks down the population into six groups of ages: 0-9, 10-17, 18-39, 40-59 and 60+.

Overall, the percentage of females who rode bicycles is higher than males in each category. In addition, the proportion of cyclists decreases as they get older excepts for the group of people aged 60 or older.

The pattern of riding bikes was quite similar between the ages of 0 and 9 in both genders, slightly more than half of all the boys and girls rode bikes. The difference was in the age group from 10 to 17, where 42.2% of females cycled while only about a quarter of males did the same thing. Finally, in comparison with people whose ages ranged from 40 to 59, the proportion of cyclists who were 60 or older increased, from 12.3% to 18.3% in men and 8% to 13.2% in women.

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