The bar charts illustrate the percentage of different nutrients consumed in meals and snacks on a daily basis by the average person in the USA including sodium, added sugar, and saturated fat. These nutrients might cause harm if taken too much.

overall, it has the similarity in the use of sodium and saturated fat in meals and snacks. at the same time, the proportion of added sugar is divided into meals and snacks is slightly different.

while the amount of sodium and saturated fat is consumed more in the dinner respectively 43% and 37%, the proportion of added sugar used in dinner is just 23%. By eating breakfast people in the USA use sodium, saturated fat, and added sugar fairly equally, 14%, 16%, and 16%. added sugar in snacks is used more than sodium and saturated fat by 42%, 14%, and 21%. With lunch, Americans don’t eat much added sugar (19%) as sodium( 26%) and saturated fat(29%),


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