J. Kwon ......that tipsy song was ***......and it got so played out and it wasn't even all that..... he's retarded....

and what the hell is "hood hop"

when they asked him that quesiton on mtv...he said " I'm introducing pop to the hood and the hood to pop".....that was soooooo stupid......wtf was he thinking?

to quote donald trump..."your fired"
i agree, what a *** song that was, so fake, like will smith i think, as for hood hop, i didnt know he said that, what a wanka lol, as for a rapper that i would fire, 50 cent........joke, for me it has to be ja rule, hes so pop music now, i liked jhis first album but what a *** he is now, im an englishman by the way, peace.
It would be M. Elz but first he'd had to be signed and people would have to kno who is is..so i guess he'll never really get fired because he'll never have a job as a rapper or *** producer...My bad Luis Alejo..A.K.A Elemty...A.K.A Parshall or mini Marshall..even though you whack..
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I would fire Fat Joe. Not only is he fake-- but he looks like an albino gorilla....
yo yo yo , fakest rappers out today are all the duplicates of jigga nas and biggie and 2pac , jay comes out so 25 other rappers come out copying and ripping his style because they know that it works , jay-z came out with his own style! he didnt copy anyone ,do somrething new , dont follow lead. nelly is a joke , he is actually laughable , j-kwon , benzino is the worst rapper alive eminem basically ended his career with the source fiasco , hes over. there are loads a rappers out there that sell records and go platinum but that doesnt mean anything. more fakes , eve , lil wayne , lil flip , fabulous , mike banner , ja rule , 50 cent snoop dogg is awful , hes a joke seriously, yukmouth , there are loads i could go on forever. krs one jay-z and immortal technique are the best and make sure u listen to 'represent' by nas and 'dear summer' by jay-z , sheer genius