I would tell all the teens to be against racism, because its not right to judge by skin color.blacks were slaves back then (read in books) , its not there for people to learn how to hate, its for us to earn not to be racist

Tell me how you would prevent this.
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actually culture difference rather than racism...
Education is the one of the ways we can reduce the racial prejudice existing in this world.

Look at children playing together at avery young age; they have no prejudice. They see the difference in colour or shape, but they play together nevertheless. The later prejudice is instilled or learnt as they grow up. Therefore, if we educate the parents to accept the cultural differences that there are in existence, then cycle is broken to greater extent.
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If everyone do their bit from their own backyard I am sure you will see some changes. I am not saying a huge change but it is a start. I agree that culture differences contributes to that...
Good parenting is the key. I believe children are born "coulour blind", they may question about someone looks (colour, eyes, facial features), but that's about as far as it goes.
This is slightly related, but my story must be told:

I was in a local Buger King once, and i saw the most beautiful thing ever. Two young boys, best friends, eating together and talking about girls after playing basketball. What's the catch? One of them is black and the other is asian. People like those boys are the key to preventing racism. Get my drift?
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Yes, very nice.
Thankfully it is an extremely common sight in many countries, unfortunately it is not so common in others - perhaps because they don't have the same degree of racial diversity, or 'colour-blindness'.
During a long time, I only applied the term 'race' to animals. I remember being a kid and not even thinking that fisical differences could be considered as characteristics of a determined human race.
But that was because I was born in a society where racism never was something important. I think most people simply didn't care. The word was almost unknown.
However, when I growed up it became very obvious to me that there were societies where the race of a human being could be used to differentiate and for making stupid conclusions, or even used for sistematic exterminations. I was shocked, and I couldn't understand how the mind of those persons worked.

I agree with you when you say '...all teens to be against racism...', but the main thing is. Do you have to tell them? If you do, then it has to be because they were already exposed to the concept of racism. And, honestly, I don't understand how such a weak and stupid concept as racism could survive so long.
If teens actually believe in being racist, it is probably because their parents or their society influenced them with wrong ideas.
Once again, your concluding sentence leads back to parenting. Good parenting is the key my friend...
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