I have an English exam on next week, i need help analysing the conflict in these texts.

Here are links to all the works:
Macbeth: http://www.shakespeare-literature.com/Macbeth/7.html
The Laboratory: http://famouspoetsandpoems.com/poets/robert_browning/poems/4836

-Could you please help me, I need to know how language techniques portray conflict in each of these works. (for example, the ambiguity in Macbeth's soliloquy shows internal conflict).

-Also, I need to know how structural devices show conflict in each work, (e.g. lady Macbeth's long dialogue followed by Macbeth's short ones, shows verbal conflict.

I need 2 examples of conflict through language techniques and 2 examples of structural devices from each, if you could be so kind.

If you cant answer the whole question, please, at least give as many examples as you can, it would be much appreciated =D


I think you are asking us to do too much work for you.

We prefer it if you make your own attempt first, and then ask us to review your written work.

Thanks Clive, so far, i have worked this out by my self, I don't want to write a whole essay until i have got all the informaton i need, but i have worked out most of the main elements of the essay.

I can write about the introduction & ideal conflict (section 1) easily enough, so no need for help on that section.

The second section i need a little bit of help on. So far:

Macbeth: The euphemism the character of Macbeth uses for hasher words such as kill murder and death, in his soliloquy, for exapmle, "it", "deed" and "taking-off", demonstrates his internal conflict between his "vaulting ambition" and his virtues. Even though he does not want to kill kind Duncan, his lust for power won't let him rest.

The quote " I would, while it was smiling in my face, Have pluck'ed my nipple from his boneless gums, And dash'd the brains out, had i sworn as you Have done to this" uses imagery to describe the worst kind of conflict, one between a mother and her "smiling" baby.

My Last Duchess: Ambiguity in the poem, especially in the quote, " I gave commands Then all smiles stopped together" hints at domestic conflict, this makes it even worse, because it leaves the details to the readers mind, so they automatically imagine the worst "command" in their mind".

Formality: The formality used by the Duke shows intellectual conflict between him and the envoy, For example in the quote "Will't please you rise?" the duke is once again commanding the person, but does it in a way that no can't be an answer so his power is not challenged in the discussing.

The Laboratory: The use of violent words, for example, "bloody", "pound" and "mash" shows her desire for physical conflict.

( i am really lost on the second one) the language techniques i can choose from are metaphors, imperative verbs, the rule of three, imagery( don't want to use it again), similes, emotive words and the use of of elaborate adjectives.

3rd section, this is about the structure that shows conflict:

Macbeth : Lady Macbeth's rhetorical questions, shows verbal conflict, for example, "What not put upon His spongy officer, who shall bear the quilt of our great quell?". Rhetorical questions are a basic technique used in a argues, which is a basic forum of verbal conflict.

I am also lost on the second one for this, ( the ones that my teacher told me to look for are, Macbeth's dramatic monologue (soliloquy), punctuation stage direction, and use of dialogue.

My Last duchess: have no clue what so ever, ( my teacher told me to look for use of dashes/hyphens, use of dramatic monologue, enjambment, repetition, colon/ semi-colons and exclamation marks.

The Laboratory: The poem has a rhyme structure of AABB, which with the use of enjambment creates a fast pace, this contradicts her when she say “i am not in haste", this shows internal conflict because it seems like she does not know what she wants.

Also lost for this one, my teacher told me to look for rhetorical questions, repetition, exclamation marks, dashes/ hyphens.Emotion: smile

Please cheach and give me clues on the missing stuff, i really need it, i have looked everywhere, and i am really lost.