Yesterday I was reading a cartoon called 'Ratatoullie'.
The story was about a french chef and some episode happening around him.

If I remember correctly the dialogue was something like following...

A: I read the(?) book. The secret one.
B: You read it?! blah blah....It's like you are involving me in crime. If I let you, why do I get you?

Here, I guessed the omissions

If I let you [ do what you have been doing ], why do I get you [...]?

I can't guess what 'B' was referring to after 'why do I get you'...hmmm...get him what???
Can anyone please help here?

Thanks very much
Hello vc, I haven't seen you for a while – I hope you're well.

The dialogue puzzles me too. Is it online anywhere?

Best wishes,

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I think B means "why do i let you?"

"What could be the reason?"

B will let if A will show any possible reason.

What do you think?
-REMY: Saffron. -Not good.
Don't like it. She's gonna wake up.
l've been down here a million times.
She turns on the cooking channel, boom, she never wakes up.
You've been here a million times?
l'm telling you, saffron will be just the thing. Gusteau swears by it.
Okay. Who's Gusteau?
Just the greatest chef in the world. Wrote this cookbook.
(STAMMERlNG ) Wait. You read?
-Well, not excessively. -Oh, man. Does Dad know?
(SCOFFS ) You could fill a book, a lot of books, with things Dad doesn't know.
And they have, which is why l read. Which is also our secret.
l don't like secrets.
(STUTTERlNG ) All this cooking and reading and TV-watching
while we read and cook.
lt's like you're involving me in crime, and l let you.
Why do l let you?


Yes, you're righ, Mr. Saltukhan.
The one I saw has typo and I found the correct one which is shown above.

Hi, Mr.P
I have been coming here time to time with some questions but most of the time I was able to find answers from the search.
By the way, I am very well, thank you.
I joined this site in 2004, can't believe it's already 2009.

I wish you all happy and prosperous 2009!!
"lt's like you're involving me in crime, and l let you.
Why do l let you?"

Yes, that makes more sense: "This situation is as if you were involving me in a crime, and I were allowing you to do so, Why do I allow you to do so?"

A happy remainder of 2009 to you too, vc!

All the best,

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