Hi guys,

Can you please help me with the understanding of the next situation? Context: Two detectives are knocking on the door of the man, who they want to talk with. Really beautiful housekeeper woman came open door.

Detective: Are you Mrs. Davies?
Housekeeper: Me? No. Name's Belle. I might've been somebody's wife if the job paid better. I work here. Help out with cleaning and cooking.

Guys, maybe I'm stupid, but I'm missing the point of what she said...:-(( Please did she mean....

1) I might've been somebody's wife if I would have more money from my current job (being a housekeeper)...????


2) I might've been somebody's wife if being married would bring more money into the womans pocket....????

Please guys what do you think?

many thanks for help and nice weekend to all.

Best regards
My guess would be number 2).
Right, #2. Being a housewife doesn't pay, but a woman working in someone else's home gets paid for the same kind of work.
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Thanks Ray!...:-)
I agree, number 2. She is almost making a joke, if somewhat bitterly. I believe the author used this particular sentence to bring a bit of levity into the scene.
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