Hi all ..

How are you doing?

I need help in my research paper which is about the education in Turkey.

I want information that deals with the education in Turkey.. you can give websites ..etc.

see ya ^^
hello from turkey ...what do you really need for your research?I'd be glad to help...
I will tell you later

see you^^
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Hello again and sorry for being late.

These are the questions.

1- at what age do mst students enter school?

2- how many years must students attend school(compulsory education).?

3-what subjects are required for all students.

4- who determines what the curriculum is for the school?

5- do students have any choice in what subjects they take?

6- how many days a year do the students usually attend school?

7- how long is the usual school day?

8- how large are the classes?

9-in what languages are most subjects taught?

10-do students pay any fees or tuition to attend? do students buy their own books or does the government provide them?

11- do boys and girls usually go to school together? are there differences at different ages?

12- are there many activities at the school site for the students to select from after the school day is over or as part of an activity period?what kinds of activities are availble for student participation?

13-what kinds of national assessments are required of students?

14-what are the qualifications of the teachers in the schools? do they have collage degrees? are they trained in pedagogy?

15- anything else you wish to include on the educational system of the selected country.

Last thing if you can add some illustrations, photographs or charts that relate to the education in Turkey I'll be glade.

You can add more information if you can.

Thanx in advance.
still waiting ??????
actually, I was going to answer your questions one by one but I gave up. Because It would be just nonsense(amelelik) carrying information from Google to here. I am sure you know what I know and about a half of your question can be learnt by asking people around you. For the others try to use Google more efficiently.Actually that's why I gave up giving you the answer one by one. Everything is there if you write "education in Turkey" .

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Thanx bro for your reply and I did what you say.

google helped me a lot in doing presentation, but I hardly found illustrations, photographs or charts that would benefit me in my research paper.

see you

Try to get into - √ľniversiteler - in www.google.tr

there you will find all the universitys that are avalible in Turkey. They should have a English version.