Hello. I'm not a English language native speaker. But I learned English. I can speak it fluently. Now I wonder if I encounter people that use their own dialect, would it be difficult to me to understand?
Do most people in England use Standard English or their own dialect?
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Hi and welcome!

Most people I met in the UK spoke standard English with regional accents... not too difficult. Emotion: smile
On the other hand, I found many teenagers and kids almost impossible to understand. Emotion: sad

This website offers a great variety of audio clips from the UK, so it can help you get a clearer picture of how English is spoken there.
Yes, if you come to the UK you might find some accents difficult to understand. My other half immigrated to England and was quite disappointed to find that a lot of English people don't speak what he thought of as 'proper' English.

Take heart though - it even happens with English people from different areas sometimes!

You should be ok with most people. Even if you can't understand every word you should understand enough. It takes a little while to learn to 'tune in' to whatever the local accent is.
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Thanks for the answers. Is it possible to learn dialects in this web site or do I need to check other sites?
I would like to learn not only distinct British dialects, also American dialects.
I think you are setting yourself a difficult and rather pointless task there. In the UK, some of the very distinctive (and more difficult) accents are restricted to one city - and then not everyone living there.

You'll pick up an understanding if you live in an area with a distinctive accent. Otherwise, do you really need to worry about it?
I encountered many Englishmen from different parts of Britain and I never had any difficulty understanding them or being understood.

So, you needn't worry.
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I see. So, in case I go to visit England it is not really very necessary to learn other dialects, is it?
Nonetheless, I'm just curious to at least be familiar with some of them. And what about the English spoken in Ireland, Northern Irland and Scotland? Are their English variety kind of difficult to understand?
The only time I've ever had difficulty understanding a native speaker of English was one time in Scotland. They guys were playing Trivial Pursuit and I swear I could understand about one-third of what they said. I've never heard such a thick accent.

Sometimes there will be confusion over individual words. I remember once in a casual restaurant (the kind with plastic silverware that you pick up yourself) someone asked me if I had seen "the fox" so I looked out the window to see if I could see a reddish-colored wild animal and she kept saying "the fox! the fox" until finally I understood she was asking if I knew were the forks were.

If you have trouble, just ask if the person could please repeat that a bit more slowly, and then you'll be fine.
bear2008 And what about the English spoken in Ireland, Northern Irland and Scotland? Are their English variety kind of difficult to understand?
Don't forget Wales! Some people there have a distinctive, nice accent. Emotion: smile
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