Hi All,

I have this question. What is the grammar structure and the meaning of the following sentence.

” If I would have done that, the results would have been catastrophic”

obviously it cannot be third conditional grammar structure, right?

Why not use, ” If I had done that, the results would have been catastrophic”?

Do they have different meanings?



” If I had done that, the results would have been catastrophic”?

Thank you for the reply. I really appreciate it.

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Ravinath, ” If I had done that, the results would have been catastrophic”?

None of the following are from American publications.

If I would have come out here next year and made a mess of it, mentally it's hard to deal with that. guardian.co.uk
I am not a big poetry fan in general but Transtromer would have been awarded this prize 10-15 years ago if he would have been from South America or Russia or somewhere else. guardian.co.uk
If you would have asked that first then your response would have been fair. guardian.co.uk
If you would have said we'd run second 10 weeks ago we would have taken it but now it means nothing. nzherald.co.nz
If you would have read my previous post further up you would have noticed I said that only exceptional players make the team at a young age. halsteadgazette.co.uk
If they would have won they would have made it hard for us but they didn't. edp24.co.uk
If they would have beaten us this time round, they would have been one-point behind us with a game in hand. thisisbristol.co.uk
If they would have raided YouTube and thrown YouTube executives into jail, she would have had the same happy feeling that she had. nbr.co.nz
If they would have stood up and voiced their objections Auslralia would have a much better equiped DefenceForce and our troops would not be killed because they operated old and outdated equipment. canberratimes.com.au


Thank you.

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Thank you!

Thank you!

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I would appreciate it if you did not do that again.


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