If you had had the chance to choose your own name, what would you have chosen as a name for yourselves and Why?

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Something ending in DuPont, Rockefella... maybe Trump.
Grammar GeekSomething ending in DuPont, Rockefella... maybe Trump.

Is there any reason?
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They are fabulously wealthy families. I figured if I could pick my name, I could pick my family. Why not be born rich?
probably a japanese or portuguese name
cuz it's a lot rare in hk
I love my first name xD
It's an Itallian name, but if my last name was Itallian too like Tattaglia, Capone, Macarroni (ahuahaua xD) it was very cool!
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Bruno Spaghetti would sound good! Emotion: big smile

If I could choose my last name, I would chose a white space. Yes, like the one you can type on your computer by pushing the space bar.

- What's your name?
- James.
- And your last name?
- Your last name please?
silence again
- Sorry, I asked your last name... Could you tell me your last name?
- I can't really tell you, it's not pronounced.
- Oh! And how is it spelled?
- It's spelled with the space bar.

That would be the best last name ever, the one I've always wanted.
I really think you take drugs when you come to the forums..
PuccaI really think you take drugs when you come to the forums..

I got to this point just out of boredom. I started to take hallucinogens before logging in to EnglishForward a while ago, when I realized threads weren't really interesting anymore. But now, thanks to them, everything here is sooo perfect! I enjoy reading imaginary posts and I love my imaginary freinds, and all those colors moving in the thread background are so beautiful!
But why do you care?
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