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That lamp had such a handsome genie in it that she fell head over heels for it. That was the stupidest mistake she had ever made in her whole life. She was blindfolded and didn't want it to go back into the lamp. He spoke such wonderful words! She was enchanted by them.
Hey Muslimah, do you have women genies coming out of bottles? Genies belong to Arabic cultures. I like the magic in them.
Isn't this supposed to be in the Hear ye...we have a new game part?Emotion: wink
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I just wanted you to play perfect moderator. lol. I can't move a thing. I can't even use emoticons!
Just to wishes? Mmm, 1-- happiness for everybody but with an exciting life and 2--to come to know if there is God, why he/she/it allows so many bad things in world and if there is no, how did we appear here.
I wish I had De Niro's smile,
I wish I was nice as Madonna once,
I wish Kournikova felt in love with me,
I had Enrique's voice,
I could say to a superspy:
This is the end.
He would say: I'm Bond James Bond.
I could say: I'm Szabo. Peter Szabo.

If as Nadia Comaneci I was elastic.

If my father were here would be fantastic.
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LOL...this was good.....I'm Woodward...Rob Woodward.....ha ha ha ha
This was the selfish one. I'll try to write the un selfish one in a poem.( another poem).
By the way, Rob, Chile was not a bad place for spies once.Emotion: smileEmotion: smile
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An unselfish wish

I wish,
War was only a game for a kid,
Mercedes cabs would run in Zaire,
Sun warmed orphans as they read,
In Sahara were tons of cold beer.

I wish,
Diana and Fayed were still in love,
September’ d bring Freddy to Budapest,
The World Trade Center could aim a dove,
Heroin dealers had a long rest.

I wish,
White people spent a day in black skin,
All the skinny girls could put silicons,
We’ d pass away having a last glass of gin,
And only God, God had atomic bombs.

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