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Sun warmed orphans as they read.......I like that sentence
I read quite a lot about the history of the early 70's in Chile. And some of Pablo Neruda's poems. : " Let's dream evrey dream to its end." TO A VILLAGE CINEMA, " Oh, sea, terrifying bed, eternal swell of life and death..." TO THE BED. I liked these lineS. Maybe you could send me more.
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Pieter, I like both your poems. What do you mean by I wish I could say to a superspy this is the end? I am very interesting in knowing that!
I meant that I wish i was even more powerful than Bond. James Bond. Maj, Maj.
" The Master of Disguise"

Why can't James Bond be Peter?
Peter be Rob?
Rob be you?
and you be me?
and I be you?

They all live in you.
But WHO are you?

(my second poem)
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Yes, if you wanted to say that a poet recreates the world, that's true. Why don't you start writing yourself? Your Siciliano- Hispanic past and present is perfect for a poet. I wish I knew Spanish. It seems the language of my soul. And I wish I could visit Barcelona. Maybe once. To sit in Gaudi's park and write a poem. About geniality. I have one though. But I haven't translated it into English . The last line is" Drinking water from an empty glass." It's Shakira on the radio at the moment. I'm so sad i don't understand her. So sad, sad. " Pero, che..."
I have a wonderful idea! I am sorry Pieter but I am only inspired by spies, you see. Why don't you write a poem answering my poem. I'd love that. Give me a clue, please. Remember if I give it to you, you give it to me. You owe a poem, anyway.
Chile in the early 70's....an interesting time. It is still an open debate up until now among people. Pablo Neruda....would you like the poems in Spanish or English? Translated versions never seem to have the same effector meaning.
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In English. i don't know Spanish.
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