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I'll see what I can dredge up....it's a bit more difficult to find in English.
Don't think of me to translate anything but Peter's poems and that is because I like them.
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I wouldn't even consider translating them myself......translating poems is way beyond me.
Woodward, I just read someone saying about Rudyard Kipling: " He could have been a genious. but he was missing high level intelligence." Maybe you, Maj, and me could make a genial team.Emotion: smileEmotion: smile You- intelligence , Maj- a woman's rational thinking mixed with pragmatism, and me exterem creativity.Emotion: smileEmotion: smile Don't tell me about Hitch again. He hasn't replied me yet. He could be the boss.
I think I have a lot more creativity than Intelligence...but thanks anyway for the compliment.
Sounds like a TAG TEAM!!!!! Emotion: stick out tongue
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Poor me,
Poor I!
How could I survive?
With the both of you
on my side.

Hitch would be spying us all.

Sorry, guys, I am out of my head today.
About creativity, origianlity, executivenes, Woodward, Maj, Pieter: " Originality doesn't mean to say something that nooen has said before, but to say what you think."
I think your poems are lovely. I couldn't sleep thinking about the one I translated.
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Yes, some friends of mine sleep with the volume under their pillow. If you want I can send you the cover. It's made by me, original.
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