If you had two wishes, what would they be?
One wish has to be unselfish.
One wish has to be selfish.
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That sounds really cool! I wish somedody real would have the first go at it. Woody help, please. Am I being shellfish? oh noooo I have been infected with/by the spelling disease! I knew I suffered from a prepositional disorder. "Selfish or unselfish" that is the question. Is my wish selfish or unsefish? Help, help I am so confused by the latest events!
my UNSELFISH wish.......Peace on Earth....physical, mental and spiritual....
...(sounds like a Miss Universe contest answer).....though not in excess as things could get a bit boring after a while........
my SELFISH wish..........to be able to do everything that I want to do, whenever I want to do it, without any negative consequences or results.....
well, in a way this is possible for everyone......
though not EVERYTHING that I would like to do can be done.....
without getting into too much trouble!!!!Emotion: wink
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I wish you would be more understanding of other people's feelings!
Why do you say that?....
By the way what are YOUR two wishes?
I wish I could talk to someone real as opposed to virtual on this forum. Hey Woody don't take it personally. That post wasn't meant for you. Sorry!
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"She wishes he would stop this stupid nonsense". Actually, I think I made a mistake. Please, Hitch or Woody could you place this post under the "men and women" thread. Thanks. Maybe sb could also write a poem for that thread.
u mean hopes ?!

1- 2 be good girlEmotion: smile

2- 2 be happy all the time and 2 be succesful person..

am i understand true?!
That's good Muslimah.
A wish is like something you want in the future. Many times it is for things that are very difficult to obtain or have.
e.g. I wish for peace in the world.....something that is quite difficult to obtain.
(though not impossible!)
In English-speaking countries, it is typical to make a wish when you blow out the candles on your birthday cake.
There are stories, for example Aladdin's lamp, where when you rub a magic lamp, a genie appears and he grants (= gives) you three wishes.
I'm in the chat room if you are interested.
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