Is this sentence grammatically and naturally correct?If you read at least 5 vocabs everyday, your future self will be greatly benefitted from it.
HasibrahmanIs this sentence grammatically and naturally correct?

It's much too formal for such a mundane topic. And I have no idea what "vocabs" is intended to mean. Words? Word lists?

It's possible, though I'm guessing, that you want something like this:

If you study at least five words a day, your English will improve.

Let me know if you were aiming at something else.


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Thank CJ. Here we call "vocabulary" in short "vocabs".
Hasibrahman Thank CJ. Here we call "vocabulary" in short "vocabs".

But what is your definition of "vocabulary"?


I know that vocabulary means word.
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Hasibrahman I know that vocabulary means word.

That must be the definition in Indian English. In British and American dictionaries, the definitions all refer to lists of words, never just one. Here's a typical list of definitions for the word "vocabulary":


all the words that a person knows
all the words in a particular language
the words used for talking about a particular subject
all the words used or produced by a computer program, game, or talking toy
a list of words and their meanings, especially in a book for learning a foreign language

So in British or American English you're saying that you will benefit from reading five words a day.Five words doesn't seem like very much. I know students who read hundreds of words every day. You have already read about a hundred words if you've read this post. CJ
Thanks for this information guru CJ 😍 Actually I meant learning 5 new words everday, but forgot to mention the word "new".
HasibrahmanActually I meant learning 5 five new words everday every day.

Numbers 1 - 10 should be written in words: one, two, three, ..., not 1, 2, 3, ....

Hasibrahmanbut forgot to mention the word "new".

Right. I noticed that.

And you said "read" instead of "learn". Those are very different. Emotion: wink


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Thanks 💖