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A: How is your hockey equipment holding up?

B: My helmet is in rough shape. A new custom-made one will be quite expensive though.

A: Why don't you give the figures on it to me, and we'll see about replacing it.

A: Thanks Coach! I'll really appreciate it.

I was searching for inappropriate expression.

The answer is "I would really appreciate it"

I am wondering why I can express "I'll really appreciat it"

Is there any difference between "will" and "would"?

Please. help me.
Hi, pal
Both expressions are used to express gratefulness for something that somebody has done, is going to do, will do, or would do for you.
1) I'd appreciate some help. (The help has not been given yet)
2) Thanks for coming. I appreciate it. (You are here, that's why I use Simple Present)
3) I would appreciate it if you paid in cash. (I use "would" because this action is a possibility expressed in polite way)
4) I'll appreciate it if you pay in cash. (You haven't pay me yet, but I express my preference using "will appreciate")
5) We would appreciate you letting us know of any problems. (Again, "would" is more polite than "will")

Sorry, I shall say: gratitude instead of "gratefulness" which is not correct at all.


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If I am having a difficult time unloading my grocery bags from the trunk of my car and a passersby asked “do you need a some help?” I will say “Yes please, I will appreciate it”.

For the same scenario: If I saw the passersby and asked him, “Excuse me! would you mind giving me a hand? I would really appreciate it.

When help is offered to you, use “will”.

When you ask for help and not sure you get it, you’d say “would you help me? I would appreciate it”.

Yes, there is a slight differene.

Will = suggests higher certainty and more direct

Would = suggests a condition or “if”, and less certain.

If I say “ I would drop by to see you later if I get my work done”, I am not committing for certain.
Thanks all of you. it's a really big help. ^^

Thanks ^^

I wanted to ask which form is more relevant in the case of a company`s performance. We are preparing a questionnaire and we want to ask

-Would you appreciate the combined performance with...?


-Do you appreciate....?

which one is better way to ask it to our distributors?

I know that would is for being polite. However do is for general?

If you can help me, I would really appreciate that:)))
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"If I say “ I would drop by to see you later if I get my work done”, I am not committing for certain."...

I agreed with all of your examples BEFORE this one. However, this example is off the mark.

Better example: "I WOULD drop by if I knew it would be worth my while."

In the example you gave above it STILL sounds better to say "I WILL drop by later to see you if I get my work done." If you get your work done you are definite about stopping by. But in the second example I gave, it's out of my control. I don't know if it's going to be worth my while or not.

Another example: "I would come by after getting my work done, but I seriously doubt I'll get finished tonight."

the second half of the sentence qualifies the intent as not definite at all.