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How do most native speakers (both AmEng and BE ones) pronounce the adjective 'illustrative'?

I have checked a few online dictionaries (available via the OneLook site ) ... Most dictionaries point out the stress should be either on the first or on the second syllable in this word. The online webster however gives a third variant where the third syllable is pronounced as "-raytive". In this case the first and the third syllables seem to be nearly "equally stressed" (as far as I understand).

In short, the word "illustrative" seems to allow THREE different pronunciation patterns, doesn't it?

What pronunciation of 'illustrative' is most common in "your" English (country/region/community/...office :-)?


(BrE speaker) I put the stress on the first syllable. I wasn't even aware that there was any other correct possibility.


I've always heard (and said) ill-LUST-ra-tiv (except on imported BBC productions). AmE.


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East Coast American: ILL-us-tray-tiv.

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Thanks everybody for their input!

Regarding US East Coast English vs US West Coast English pronunciation differences.

Could you possibly give more examples of this kind (i.e. similar to "illustrative")? I mean words ( nouns or adjectives) in which the accented syllable depends on where the speaker is from?