I'm a dewdrop at dawn,
awake to the sunshine
caressing my face and
interrupting my sweet dream.

When a ladybug is scurrying
for a shade under a big tree
I'm an idle cloud
wandering in the blue sky
just to catch a glance of
a smiling yellow buttercup
down on a green pasture.

When the evening falls around
like purple and orange flower petals,
I'd like to sing a sad old song
for a weather-worn traveller.

When night diamonds start twinkling,
it's high time for me to take a
and fly down like a shooting star!


The above scribbling is what I wrote on my blog to practice writing every day. Correct me where I go wrong. Thanks.
Angliholicfor a shade under a big tree
looking for (some) shade
Angliholicjust to catch a glance
a glimpse
Angliholicdown on a green pasture.
in a green pasture
Angliholicit's high time for me to take a
to take a [?]

Nice images!
Thanks, Philip, for your rectification and nice words.