Cedric: You must become a symbol of
all that is best about England. An embodiment of our history, our culture,
our morality, our pride of achievement.
In short, our ideal of civilisation.
You must, under harsh public scrutiny, exhibit all of our virtues
and none of our shortcomings.
He must exhibit all that even if it means to
put up with people criticism?
Ralph: Wait a minute. I thought all I was
supposed to do was dress up and wave. I don't even know what our virtues are.
Cedric: You will learn soon enough.
I'm afraid it's a god's burden to bear.
Unfortunately, it must be borne by a man.

It'll be tough for him to teach Ralph but someone has to do it?
1) The public will expect him to be a role model for everything that is good about being English, without any of the traits that are bad about being English.

2) (Sounds sarcastic) It's a superhuman task, but you have to do it.
Thanks, Lil' Ruby Rose!