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Hi Languagelover, the situation is more than serious: there are 2 algae killer: Culerpa racemosa (coming from a mistake occured at the aquarium of Monaco) and Caulerpa taxifolia (coming from Suez Canal). They are invading all the Mediterranean area and they're replacing Posidonia oceanica, that is the plant which supplies with oxygen our sea and it causes biodiversity can figure out the consequences about all the trophic nets! I'm sorry but they don't exaggerate at all! Emotion: sad

Sorry Dj for this "off topic" invasion....I'm the "killer alga" in your topic now Emotion: rolleyes
Oh Gosh. Sorry DJ, I don't want to ruin your welcome party here! So I won't talk about the killer algae anymore, at least not here! However, thanks for the information Francesca.
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No no no please... no need to say "sorry".you are not a "killer"(!) I can sacrifice my thread with pleasure for those kind-hearted friendsEmotion: smile
Dj Bueno
Woww...It has been ages since I had posted my last message Emotion: smile Cos I was busy with studying, solving tests(science,algebra,literature etc.) I even couldn't switch on my computer..poor me Emotion: smile But at last ı Took the university exam today and in september I'LL be a fresher Emotion: smile. I have to admit that I studied really really hard.Like a geek.. I suppose Im gonna get enough points to be a "genetic engineer"..ı love biology and maths!

I WOuld like to say hello to my dear friends listed below,also to the ones whom ı couldnt remembr their names and to the ones whom recently joined "us"!

Mister Micawber



Mike In Japan




Little Cloud

Nona The Brit






Ville maddengurl



HI AGAIIIIINNN...It's a fantastic feeling to be an "E.Forum"addict againEmotion: big smile[L]

Hey! I'm ranked 5th! [H]

Welcome back, DjB, we've missed you.

thanks YoHf. me too Emotion: smile
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Dear DjB, you have served as an excellent example to all of us school students. While you studied singlemindedly, there I was... doing everything under the sun, even though I'm in the exact same academic level as you. Glad you've survived the ordeal! [y]

Genetics huh? That's what I wanted to do at a point, then the love of English won out. Good luck with your results, dear. Let us know what happens!

Take care,

- Joy

Hi. DjBueno. I am rather a new member here,relatively. Anyway, it is great that you have done well in OSS. I hope you will get to Bilkent or Bosphorus.(Bilkent is the best in this field,by the way) Good luck.
Thank you my friendsEmotion: smile.

Hey YoHf, by the way I would like mention that I didn't form that list according to their ranks in my heart.Everyone has his/her own throne there..
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Dj BuenoI didn't form that list according to their ranks in my heart.

As I very well know.

You should be used to finding me kidding, though.