Woww...It has been ages since I had posted my last message Emotion: smile Cos I was busy with studying, solving tests(science,algebra,literature etc.) I even couldn't switch on my computer..poor me Emotion: smile But at last ı Took the university exam today and in september I'LL be a fresher Emotion: smile. I have to admit that I studied really really hard.Like a geek.. I suppose Im gonna get enough points to be a "genetic engineer"..ı love biology and maths!

I WOuld like to say hello to my dear friends listed below,also to the ones whom ı couldnt remembr their names and to the ones whom recently joined "us"!

Mister Micawber



Mike In Japan




Little Cloud

Nona The Brit






Ville maddengurl



HI AGAIIIIINNN...It's a fantastic feeling to be an "E.Forum"addict againEmotion: big smile[L]
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welcome again DJ!! i was really wondering about where did u lose! how was your OSS ?? i bet it was perfect. there's no question that u cant solve my beautiful genius friend Emotion: smile ...
Hi there DJ,

It's nice to have you back! Beer? Wine? Coffee or tea?

Cheers Emotion: big smile
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Welcome back Dj Bueno!!! I'm not in that list but I hope you remember me as well!

Good luck for your studies....I can understand your love for biology, maths and genetic since I am a biologist Emotion: wink
Thank you Merve,Mike and Francesca(of course I remember youEmotion: smile)

mERve, as you said it was indeed perFEct!!

Mike,it's a very kind of you.I'd prefer coffee Emotion: big smile thanks

And Francesca, if I happen to have some trouble with biology may I ask for your opinion?Emotion: smile By the way are u a genetic engineer?

Lots of Love

hi, it seems that you are a old member of this forum and you have many good friends here. i am new here, no longer than a month. i find it a good place to make friends with people all over the world, and discuss with them the topics we are interested in. i learned a lot here. but i am a little confused, are you guys known each other? are you all student in a same school? could you give me a simple introduction of this forum? thank you!
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Firstly,welcome Vicky23.Nope,we are not in the same school.Yeah I joined EF approximately one year ago and I made really nice friends here.I can say that EF is like my second home.
Dj Bueno
And Francesca, if I happen to have some trouble with biology may I ask for your opinion?Emotion: smile By the way are u a genetic engineer?

Sure you can ask me when you want!!! [Y] I'm not an engineer, I'm a biologist specialized in algae and sea plants, but I've studied a lot of genetic! I'm doing a master "management of protected natural areas" now, and I'm going to get a specialization in marine natural areas...maybe one day I'll become a director of one of them Emotion: smile

Welcome back, DJB. Hopw you get whatever you want, it's so good that you know what you want NOW! Because it wasn't the case with me and I tried many things before I finally figured out what it was (or they were!). So, now you're enjoying your summer holiday! Have a good time.

Francesca, I remember watching one of BBC's documentaries: Killer Algae. I'm sure you know about that. Anyway, in that proframme, it was mentioned that the same problem had occured in the Mediteranian. Since the Mediteranian sea is my favorite body of water, ( it's so beautiful, isn't it?) that piece of information was always on back of my mind. How serious is it? (Because sometimes they exagerate a lot to gain people's attention.)
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