Hello,It is strange to me.In {I'm very concerned about the state of her health.}, strange to say, the state of her health should give cause for concern!Could tell me the meaning of health here?Thank you for your help.
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Health = body condition.
But in ESL and my country it is considered as "being fit".And it may be the reason that the healthy means strong. Why can it not have an little effect on you to make the fault sense of it to you?
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Health = body condition. What you refer to is 'good health'.
You say we can refer to "health" as "good health", is it?
No—if you mean 'fitness', you must use 'good health'. 'Health' alone does not reveal its quality.
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All of us in China or taiwan it considered as being fit no exception. Why are you immune to it??English would be truely terrible.
Don't be ridiculous. We are talking about English vocabulary.
I can see how this could be confusing. The adjective "healthy" implies good health. But the noun "health" can be good or bad.

"Are you generally in good health?" ("Are you healthy?") "No, I've always suffered from poor health. I've been sickly all my life." "She's gotten very thin and pale. I'm worried about her health."
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