Emotion: shake i want help asap!

the question is: when i add someone as a friend, after a while,i usually recevie a message from the englishforum's website which is titled "xxxx has requested your friendship on EnglishForward.com"

and there always said:

xxxxx has requested your friendship on EnglishForward.com

To confirm that you are friends with xxxx please visit xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

to reject ................................. xxxxxplease visit xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

i always hopefully enter the confirming page and sadly get a message :"

The friendship with 'xxxxxx' has expired, or the user has been removed from the system.

i tried and tried but i failed thousands of times,i am mad!

anyone help me?thanks! thanks!!

P.S. I thought my problem is common becaz i found many people have the same problem.and it must be solved as soon as possible
Hi, thanks for your concern. Please read my reply in this thread:

it sometimes work ,but sometimes doesn't work
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Exactly, and every time we try to recreate the bug, all works fine so we cannot spot what causes it. If you notice any pattern, please let us know - your help will be very much appreciated.
maybe the bug is new website member cannot add friends because of uncertain reasons.

but i am now adding friends normally also because of uncertain reasons,maybe it depends on how long you have been logging on the website,i am not sure.

thank you very much!
Hmm I'll investigate that. Thanks for your help! Please let me know if the problem occurs again for you though.
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that's very kind of you.
Yippie! I've found the pattern. It indeed has something to do with new users. Most of our team is on vacation now though, so I cannot promise an instant fix. But at least now we know where the problem lies!

Thanks for you help indeed. Emotion: bow
congratulation!that's good for you and future users,seriously i didn't help at all,but that's alright, you may just ragard me as

the apple which hit Newton's head.(sounds ridiculous) Emotion: smile

thanks again!
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