I'm not finding any of my (Guest) questions posted. Or maybe you decided not to post them. Can you let me know.

Thank You
I've just updated the 'Guest' question page to read:

No short worded questions or replies, be descriptive please! Please note, it may take some time to moderate your question, check in the General English section if you can't find it. Be patient, nearly all questions are answered, so check back. Do not post a reply to a question here, you should login to do that.

We're having a problem with people replying constantly on the Guest account; it's not meant to be used like that! If you want to discuss your question or reply with a 'thank you' you must login, otherwise people don't know who you are!

It was designed for people who felt uncomfortable putting in their email address. So there's also no point asking questions on that account that require a personal answer (We can't write back if you didn't give us your email).