I would like to know the meaning of "I'm flying".


In the picture, he looks as if he is pretending to fly by holding out his arms, like wings. People are looking at him as if he's a bit crazy. The punchline is in the last picture, where we find out that he is the pilot, so he literally "is flying" in the sense that he will be flying the plane.


Read their conversation that came before "I'm flying" statement and you will get the meaning. It's kind of joking. The man, who is passenger, was bored and arguing the security man about their strict procedures in the airport; they (passengers) had to go through a lot of inspections before being allowed into the airplane. The security employee emphasized that EACH AND EVERY passenger has to go through all of that for safety, then he literally said: " If we notice anybody or suspicious behavior, that person will be denied entry, and detained for questions."

It's funny that at that moment, there was a suspicious behavior happened by someone was running in a hurry and didn't go through all that strict procedures and inspections that the other passengers go through. The man ended up to be the pilot.

Why did he say "I'm flying"?

Based on my understanding, because he was coming late, and he had a flight. He should have been into the plane before that time. Although, he managed to enter without being denied or questioned or even having to go through all that inspections and procedures that all the other passengers have to go through.

This's just a comic book, BTW. In reality, as I know, even the pilot would go through the same procedures. Otherwise, it would consider a hole in flight safety.