Hi All, I work in this store called Sephora and our music is wonderful and catchy, unfortunatley for me, most of it is not American, so no matter how much I search for the songs I can not find them... There's this one song- it's very mellow, I have been looking for it since LAST September, I've even tried typing the lyrics into google searches but I can never find it.

I think this is how the chorus goes (it's a man singing, mellow saxaphones in the background, etc.)

"Like I knew you were the one... Shining... Brighter than the sun, Naturally"

If you know the song, that chorus should be enough to help you figure it out. Thanks so much I really really hope somebody can help me!
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Hi, I too am here for the same reason. I just did a google search typing in those same lyrics and got nothing. It instead brought me here to your post. Looks like you're not the only one that heard it in a store and is going nuts over this song. They play it often at Crate and Barrel, the store I work at, and it's been driving me nuts! I first thought it was Simply Red. The music style and singing is very much like him. But the voice isn't exactly like his. Besides I did a complete Simply Red search and I couldn't find any song titled "Naturally??". So here I am also begging for info.

Can anyone please help?
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i'm come from China,i found it,but i can't find it
I too was just like you from when I worked at the Gap...funny you work at Sephora because I worked at Gap in Columbia Mall next to a Sephora! Anywho-the name of the some is NATURALLY and it is by SLOW TRAIN SOUL. I have the song on my computer so feel free to hit me and I wouldn't mind sharing it with you-it was VERY hard to find!!!
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hi,i like a lot this song...could anyone please write it down,so that non native english speaking people could have the lyrics?

thanks a lot
Hi there. They say it's never too late... so...
I'm also mad about that song. It's called "Naturally" and is performed by Soul Train
( Soul Train Soul), No 6 on their album "Illegal Cargo". Try eMule it is OK.

Kind regards,

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You are looking for ex Slow Train now Slow Train Soul and their song "Naturally" from Illegal Cargo album.
I hope You are still like this one...

Kind regards
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