People should follow the custom and traditions when people start to live in a new country. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Due to the rapid development of globalisation, many people who immigrated to foreign countries believe that following the indigenous culture is necessary and beneficial for their life. In my opinion, keeping a balance between different cultures might have more advantages than completely removing one of them.
Integrating into a new society brings many benefits for immigrants. Firstly, having the same lifestyle allows foreign people to live in harmony with the locals. In this way, people tend to stay closed because they could share their opinion and get sympathy from each other. This process helps immigrants create a strong sense of belonging to the indigenous community and then improves their life quality through increasing happiness and life satisfaction. Secondly, people who accepted local culture could have larger career prospects. It is simply because those people are more suitable for the local working conditions and might not have detrimental trouble with colleagues resulting from cultural discrepancies.
Nevertheless, people should also keep their homeland culture in case they could not completely accept all the local conventions. For example, the Japanese believe that working and contributing is the most vital goal all their life and always push themselves to the limits, however, this lifestyle seems to be quite stressful and exhausting for many people to follow. Besides, preserving cultural values might helps immigrants gain positive impressions from their oversea friends. For instance, many foreigners are attracted by Vietnamese food such as banh chung, banh day,... because they had tasted the one made by their Vietnamese friends in their country. Therefore, settlers not only successfully introduced national culture but also increased personal patriotic pride.
In conclusion, due to this analysed information, I partly agree with the argument that people should give up their traditions to integrate into foreign communities.

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