I'm suppose to be working on a petrarchan sonnet, but the whole iambic pentameter thing confuses me. I have trouble recognizing stresses and unstresses.
This is what I have so far:

What is the goal in life if not to perfect?
A life free of worry and wear,
an existance without a single care.
No qualms, no worries to stand erect,
one should live without cause and effect,
Living life long should never be rare,
Always caught up in a dreamy snare,
Why wouldn't this be the life to elect?
Because perfect is boring and agitates
Without conflict there is no resolution
Like a calm before the storm it communicates
Making it perfect leads to destitution
The struggle makes the resolve more clear
To achieve perfect is to begin institution.
Each line should be 5 feet: da DAH, da DAH, da DAH, da DAH, da DAH. That's ten syllables. None of your lines have this rhythm.

Here's some simple on-line advice for learning to hear (and write) iambic pentameter:

From David Keith Johnson

. . . begin by walking. The "foot" of the meter really has to do with how you use your feet. So you go "step-STEP" (that is, fall a little harder on the second step). Do this five times and stop. That is what one line FEELS like, and this is about feelings, not definitions.
Now, what to write about? You wouldn't be the first to write about writing sonnets. But don't try too hard. Start by getting the rhythm, and you will get this by stepping.
For example, you might just start walking:
(step-STEP, step-STEP, step-STEP, step-STEP, step-STEP)
Do it enough times, words might come into your head, maybe on their own. Give them TIME. Here is a silly example.
"Some GOO-fy GUY said I should TAKE a WALK (now pause)
if I would WRITE a GOO-fy SON-net VERSE (pause again)
but I don't UN-der-STAND his CRAZ-y TALK (now you're going)
and WALK-ing ON-ly SEEMS to MAKE it WORSE" (almost half-way)
You will do much better than this silly stuff, but relax and play. It is about pleasure. As a rather older guy who has been wacking at them since I was fourteen or so, I can tell you it is worth it. Good luck. Remember to take TIME.
Anonymousim writing a sonnet. is seems like gonna make sense are they stressed or unstressed?
What? Are theystressed or unstressed? What is they? Sonnets? Are sonnets stressed or unstressed? That makes no sense. You'll need to rewrite your question. Emotion: sad

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im writing a sonnet. is seems like gonna make sense are they stressed or unstressed?
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