I'm sorry for my pictures quality.it's quality is low.Because I checked it by webcam.

My name is Onur,from Turkey/Ankara and I'm 17...
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Your photo look fine, Onur-- welcome to EF!
Thanks..Emotion: smile
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yes it is! welcome here! Emotion: smile
that s charisma Emotion: smile
i wanna say Turkish guys always have charisma... Emotion: wink hehehe a joke.. im
gokhan from TURKEY.. i wanna be friend who wanna be wit me..n i put my
pic to here..
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both of u look so cute .. is all turkish people so handsome!!Emotion: stick out tongue
Wow... you look very manly! I think your photo is nice! Emotion: wink Hope you have nice time here! Nice to meet you!

owwww.. dont make me so shy... Emotion: embarrassed n also thnx for u... we cn be friend if u want.. My msn is over here.. add me.. c ya.. byss .... mmmwaa
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