GladRap, GladRap thats my name,
The songs I sing are quite inane!

I got 50 gold chains around my chest,
Everyone loves me, cos I'm the BEST!!!!

I'm sure you wanna kiss me, and give me huggs,
But that wouldn't be smart - see I got bugs!!

GladRap GladRap, that's my name,
Too much spinning on ma cranium done made me insane!!

Ma hommies say I'm great, they loves what I say,
And iffin the don't I blows 'em away!!

Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb
Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb


Does ya likes it?
I'll write more soon, that's a promise and a *** threat - what are you? STUPID?
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Can any interpret this song for me? Sorry, guys I just don't understand it. Emotion: sad
Nice to meet you Maj, you made fair demand,
When I sober up I'll try to give you a hand.

Do ya like a boogie, some rat dancing too?
Iffin the answer is a 'yeah' then I'm the man for you.
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That's quite funny. Do you have any more? (I'd like to see them if you do)
Continued from the top;

Its nice to meet a dude from scary Chile,
An I'se glad yo don't think my song is silly.

I rip-off peoples music then call it my own,
Mix it up a little, add a monotonic drone.

I get long words like 'population',
Then hook 'em up with ones like 'copulation'.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, really really stupid,
Dub dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb.

Devastation, mutilation. *** the nation,
Its almost as good as morning masturbation.

The words I give impart a feeling of danger,
Stuff like 'parabolic curve' and 'detonation chamber'.

Why do I do it? It makes me feel tough,
But it beats me who the morons are that dig this stuff.

Besides, my Dad ran over my Tonka Toy when I was only eight,
So I got a *** right to crap on with all this hate.
lol, i like it too
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GladRap Loves Ya! (and yer puppies, and yer pu....).
GladRap he da man and he won't be dispensed with,
Heck, he even pulls back-pats from Aileen the pensmith.
Respect to the man with da original name,
who's always high and goin insane.
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