Chloe: Lex knows your weakness and he could kill you.
Clark: That doesn't mean I'm supposed to kill him first!
Lex and I are not in a battle to the death.
Chloe: Open your eyes, Clark! Why have you not done anything yet?
Clark: I'm focised on the future. I don't want to live in the past.
Chloe: But that's exactly what you're doing. You think Lex to be the same man you
saved 8 years ago. You're not recognizing the monster he's become.
Clark: So because I'm not gonna
kill someone, I'm in denial? Act against his rules?
Being "in denial" is refusing to believe the obvious, usually because accepting the truth would be painful.

Even though Joe drinks a fifth of bourbon every night, his wife is in denial - she insists he's not an alcoholic, just a "social drinker."
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