Dear web-users, HELP!!

Where could I place such an ad in England, Scotland or Wales!

Give me some contacts in the Internet or local papers, please.

Please help me find a female English native-speaker. We would
like to invite this person to Poland ( Szczecin ) for 12 months
( asap ) to teach our 8-year-old daughter English and to play in
English with 12 kids ( Saturdays ). We are both teachers.
Please contact us
Try contacting:
If you could give me the oppourtunity , i think i'm ready for it. I can voluteer.
Hoping to hearing form you
You can mail me: (email removed, please add it to your profile)
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I think that better way is to find somebody who can talk with via Skype or you can use online services like . The most important is to talk in English to improve it.