1) I'm looking for a noun that desbribe this process:

You use too much dose of a kind of drug that the viruses in your body get used to it.

2) I'm looking for a verb here:

You are from another country, if you want to settle down in America, your relatives must____ so that you are eligible to come over there for immigration.

3) What is the difference between / Ou/ and /O/? How different when people pronounce Rico with an /o/ and an /O/ ?

4) A man who was run over by a car has his entrails a mess. Is there any adj replace for "a mess" in this sentence? ( they are badly run over and people can't realize their shape anymore because they have been twisted so much)

Thanks in advance
1. You develop an immunity.
2. Your relatives sponsor you.

3. ????

4. completely disfigured (?)
PhilipYou develop an immunity.
Does this mean you're immuned to the virus? In other words, when you're exposed to the virus, you won't get sick?
Or the drug is no longer effective in fighting the virus?
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the drug is no longer effective in fighting the virus?

yes, it is.

I am sceptical about the word "disfigure". If a car run over a chicken, its insides are totally______
The drug is no longer effective in fighting the virus.
Then, how would you say "you're immuned to the virus"?
You developed ___?
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You can develop an immunity to the virus. That means you won't get sick.

The strain of the disease can also develop an immunity to the drugs used to treat it. In that case, you can also say it's "drug-resistant."

When you stop taking your medication when you feel better, instead of when you have completely killed the "bug" you are in fact making the bug stronger for the next time you have to fight it. You are helping it become drug-resistant.