Hi everyone!

Lately, I've been bothered because I couldn't explain a situation. I looked it up in a Korean-English dictionary, but truely I don't believe the dictionary. (Frankly it almost always sucks..;;)

Anyway, I wonder how to explain a situation or things that is usually not easy because I have to take care of a lot of things in order to solve the situation or do things.

That's not enough describing, I think. Let me give some examples.

If you apply a visa and the embassy asks you a lot of documents, how do you feel about applying visa?

You are hungry in the middle of night but you don't have anything too eat instantly. Call the pizza hut? >_
Korean-English dictionary suggests "(be) troublesome; cumbersome; irksome; vexatious; annoying; complicated; involved; entangled; intricate " for that.

I think "complicated" is suitable for first example. But I feel like that there is something different between "complicated" and what I want to say.

Please help me, guys!!
(that's how I would describe cooking in the middle of the night!)
Thank you! It was really helpful!

"tiresome" is what I want exactly to say!

But I still wonder if I can say it in first situation. Is it suitable for first one?

Like this sentence. "Applying visa is tiresome."

Now I have to make an extention of my study permit. That makes me talk about visa often.Emotion: smile
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I'm glad I was able to help you!
If you go to this site you'll find the explanations of the words, but also their synonyms & antonyms, which is often quite helpful.
And yes, I think applying (for?) visas can be tiresome!
This also will help you a lot, take a look:
As you see, the entries are listed according to their senses, so it's easier to find the one you are looking for. (for example, tiresome is mention under the definitions "irritating" and "uninteresting")
Good luck,
I think perhaps the word you want is "frustrated." A situation is frustrating when there are impediments blocking every possible solution, when you want to act but nothing you can do will obviously succeed. "I was really frustrated, because every office I went to told me to go to a different office, and everyone that was supposed to sign my papers happened to be out to lunch when I got there. " The noun for this feeling is "frustration."
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Applying for a visa sounds stressful to me. Another word that's appropriate might be arduous.

It sounds frustrating to be hungry late at night when there are no snacks.