First post but lurking from a long time.
I'm looking for a particular book. It's a very big book (I remember 500+ pages) but I can't remember even the title or the author.
It talks about grammar but it's not a grammar book...It's more a collection of hint for intermediate / advanced English students... I remember the paragraph about "above vs over".
In that book there were not rule, just a huuuuge collection of sentences and how the english people tought about it: like when you try to explain your own language to a foreigner but without knowing the grammar. You ty to explain why "that it's right" and why the other one is not. It was a great book for when doubts come out, it wasn't a study book (I remember clearly the endless number of pages).
I hope you can help me finding it, because I've just spent the entire evening with no results :/
There were NO exercises at all. No solution, no stuff like that. Just sentences and feelings about the correctness and the use of them.
Thank you
What colour was the cover, Anon?

When did you last see it?
Sorry for the delay in the answers. I had problem with the internet ;/ I don't remember the cover because my teacher gave me the pdf like one year ago. I don't have the chance to talk to him anymore because he retired and I don't have email nor phone number >.<
Probably it was quoted also by grammar girl.com but not I'm not sure and also looking on her past post I didn't find anything. :/