I'm as a Muslim and as a human, I'm sorry about what happened to Louisiana. Before 1400 years our Prophet Mohammed - peace be upon him - was walking with his friends. Then he saw a funeral for a Jew man. He stopped. His friends asked him: Why did you stop? this funeral for a Jew man. He said: Isn't a soul?!. by another way, he meant: whatever what that man religion is, but he is stilling a human.

In Islamic religion, we don't distinguish between Arabian and non-Arabian; White and Black; rich and poor except by the faith. For example, if there is a poor man has stronger faith than the rich one, he is much better than the rich man in Islam. Also when we pray in the mosque, the rich man can be beside the poor one without any racism. Our prophet - peace be upon him - said: there is no difference between Arabian and non-Arabian; White and Black except by the religiousness.

Finally, we're sorry for American community and we all with you by our hearts till this disaster ends.

Best wishes

Muslim boy
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Muslim Boy, welcome to the Forums, and Thank You for your message!
Bakarallah fihi, Muslim boy
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thanks a lot to both of u about your replying.
very nice words , thanks alot
you are welcome sad girl.
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Thank u Muslim Boy. it is really an enteresting topic, but I was wondering How do Muslims think about us? do they hate us because of what is happening in Palestine?
Hi Ryona,
Just so I can follow you guys,, by "us" do you mean Jewish, Christians, or something else.
Sorry guys, the "Anon" guy here is me. I forgot to log in before posting.
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