Does the expression have a special meaning?


This is isn't a special saying or proverb. It's dialogue from Spiderman.

MaryJane says something like 'Everyone came to the theatre to see me, except you. I don't love you. You're just an empty seat (in the theatre) to me.'

Later, when all is well, Peter Parker says to her 'I'm not an empty seat anymore'.

Best wishes, Clive
Which, I guess, Clive, gives the term a 'special meaning', in that it is particular to the circumstances where it was heard.
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Hi Clive,

Excellent explanations. It's originated from Spiderman II.

Unbelieveable. I didn't give you any clue, but you figure it out right away.

A tip of the hat.

btw, how many times have you been seeing?
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