I am not cut out to date (She's not ready to date?) a guy
with a hero complex. I mean, you were there.
You saw him at the fundraiser. He's practically an icon,
"the man of tomorrow," And i'm just Lois Lane,
the girl who writes about it.
No really sure what your trying to say with the rest of that but "cut out to date" means that she not the sort to date. Its not so much that she not ready, but its generally used in the setting where the person who says this phrase is referring to their lack of ability or inability to date. This could also mean unable to date effectively.

The actual meaning of the phrase varies from situation to situation. The actual colloquialism in my opinion is the "cut out" if you understand that, then anything after just makes reference to that central meaning. Umm does that help?
Yes, it does. Thanks, Kanashu!
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Hi Madhulk,

With all due respect to Kanashu's comment, I read Lois Lane's "I'm not cut out to date" remark here as referring specifically to this one individual, whom she finds intimidating. I think it's basically a lack of confidence on her part; that he's too good for her.

It doesn't mean that Lois believes she is incapable of dating any man, only that this particular individual is unsuitable for her.