Agent: Tide is turning. People are getting nervous about vigillantes roaming
the streets, taking the decisions and the glory out of the hands
of the suits in power. The police or political figures?

Green Arrow: I'm not running for office. I'm just putting bad guys
in jail.
Agent: Well, it's gonna get tougher the longer you and
your little league of heroes stay half in, half out. Scared to act?
Need more context. It's confusing. You're right about the "suits in power."

It's not clear what the agent is advocating.

The populace are getting nervous? Why should they care who gets the glory?

I should think Green Arrow and his little league of heroes are the vigillantes. Right?

Is the agent suggesting that they should completely ignore the police and politicians and take all power into their own hands - instead of just putting a few people in jail?

Or are "the vigillantes" some different group which isn't mentioned here?
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You got it. Green Arrow and his league are the vigilantes. But the agent is actually one of the
bad guys and before that he made an offer to Green Arrow only to join him.
So "half in, half out" simply refers to Green Arrow's picking his battles, rather than trying to take over the whole city.
It seems like the agent is deliberately misstating the situation a bit. Emotion: smile
Oh, I see. Thanks, Avangi!
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