Tommy: You got something to say? Just say it.
Kwest: Well, you wouldn't be the first producer to cross that line.
Tommy: I'm not even hearing this.
Kwest: Yo, listen. Listen, man, I know you, all right? You're falling for this girl!
Now, I wouldn't blame you if you wanted
to hit that (to hit on her?) in another few years...
Tommy: Look, that's not even what this is about. Kwest, man,
you think I'm okay with this? That the coolest chick I know,
the one that gets me the most, is sixteen? Give me a break, man.
She's out of bounds, and I'm not that guy. He's not a guy who'd date her before
she's 21?
Kwest: Good... But if she was 21...
Tommy: In a split second.
I'd say Yes and Yes.
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Thanks, Mister Micawber!
"hit that" is a bit cruder...it pretty much means "to sleep with".